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A group for anything related to music.

The key to happiness is in gratefulness
RoeyShamir 's post on Kaleidoscope reminded me of the 90s song, Kaleidoscope World. It's a beautiful song with a significant message about people's uniqueness and differences but at the same time this human diversity is also what ties us together.... (More)
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Serbian music
Bio sam glup i mlad da shvatim šta želiš tad ponešto da kupim ti i izvedem te u grad Bio sam siguran pa se opustio taj faktor rizika u obzir nisam uzeo Snove ti je sada Bog ostvario još samo... (More)
Lucia Farcas Can you recognize this song ? 😁 It’s from Romanian song “ Sanie cu zurgălăi “ but Serbian version 😁
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I do so love music and I am always looking for something that I normally wouldn't pick. Perhaps someone could find something for me today! Again you might recognize where it was filmed if you check out a lot... (More)