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Breaking News. Still Waters in lakes and ponds are reported to be producing toxins that could be dangerous to human beings and wildlife. It was first noticed in the US State of Massachuttes For more on this you can visit... (More)

I saved my 86-year-old grandmother

Dear friends, in today's post I will write to you how I saved my 86-year-old grandmother at the nylon market.

You are wondering why there are no pictures or a clip in the post I did not want to take... (More)


Everywhere is Not Here - 2

Lloyd's of London was created to insure ships against the attacks of the Moors (Africans).

Lloyd's would pay for the ship and its cargo but the people on board, no.

Persons who traveled from or to Europe would be taken... (More)


Everywhere is Not Here - 1

There seems a trend of lumping people into one basket as if they shared the same experiences.

For example, in Jamaica, (as well as other nations) there is a population of 'Maroons' that is Africans who escaped slavery and created... (More)