How can you make it happen?

Let’s go straight to the tips:
✔️Clearly define the dream.

The more clearly you can articulate what you want, the better you’ll stick to it in the face of resistance. Get down to specifics. What does the dream specifically look like? How will you know when you have achieved it? Define this!

✔️Understand why you’re doing what you are doing. Why does this dream matter? There is no right answer to this question. The important thing is just that you can answer it, and that your answer excites you and moves you to action. The more compelling the reasons are that you want to achieve your dream, the stronger your resolve will be to continue.

✔️ Fight Your Inner Naysayer. 😉 You might be your own worst naysayer. Our ‘inner naysayer’ is that voice that tells us that we can’t do it: we aren’t smart enough, we aren’t #rich enough, we aren’t #lucky enough, we don’t know the right people, etc., to be able to pull off our unique vision. Don’t listen! Substitute your inner naysayer with an empowering voice.

✔️Take Risks. Nothing great can be gained if you aren’t willing to take #risks. Risk isn’t something to avoid, in fact it can’t be avoided. Even a ‘safe’ job has risks. What is safe about it? There is more to life than just money. There is fulfillment and engagement. A lot of time the safe jobs don’t have fulfillment. Learn to #embrace and enjoy taking risks.

But remember ⛔️ You 👉 possess the key to happiness ⚠️

When we connect with the immense potential that resides in us, #happiness becomes an unlimited source. Depending on outside #circumstances to create our happiness can be a little risky because they are out of our control and can change at any moment. For example, if you take great pride in the prestigious title you have at work, what happens if you lose it?

My goal isn’t to make this a scare tactic but rather to shift your #focus inwards. That is where you have all that you need to be happy. You are truly an amazing being and you can create a life that will fulfill you beyond what you had imagined but for that you must rely on and fully develop your gifts.

See today how you can tap into your potential even more by looking inwards rather than outwards for happiness. The key really is there. We just have to be still and aware enough to see it.

Do it because it’ll make you happy! 😁

Wishing you all a great weekend 🙌