My favouritetechno music track that was giving me motivation to continue working (programming my first website back in 2008 when I was just a school kid).

12 years after and listening to it makes me so energetic and makes me want to do things, work on my dreams, and never give up.

What that really matters is to move forward.

Progression is the key and not perfection. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Maybe it's the unstoppable beat. Maybe it's because I am a fan of electronic music despite that I am Greek Cypriot. Maybe it's just that the melody is super dope, maybe it's that there are no words and it lets you dream of great things.

The right mindset is the key to everything, especially when a nice techno songs comes and music becomes one of the πŸ”‘ to unlock the lock of your dreams πŸ”’

You might wonder why my username is bluetechno...?

Well one reason is that because I am a techno lover (But basically is a combination, blue my favorite football team colours, also my favourite colour, and my cars colour, and techno from the techno electronic music and technological/technician).

Drop a πŸ’™as a comment if you love techno music!