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This is a photo I took during my flight from Gatwick to Dalaman airport in Turkey 🇹🇷 The second photo is the first sunrise 🌄 I watched on the balcony of our hotel 🏨 room 🧡💛
Mary Modeer
Non-conformist, I am a work in progress! 😊
One of my CMA brother's, Pops, standing by a 1944 Brewster Corsair. This is the last surviving Brewster Corsair. At the Combat Air Museum in Topeka KS.
Blue Friday
Wrapped up the 100 hour inspection on this 1974 Cessna 210. Very clean, and well taken care of aircraft.
What's everyone working on? I'm waiting on parts to finish this agricultural plane. Then headed south to finish another. Show me your projects.