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Blue Friday
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Good morning Bluefire friends 💙
Nominated this post for today's Friday challenge, Blue Friday challenge,
The beautiful Lake, in the middle of lake you may see the statue of lord Buddha.💙💙💙
CarolDM$7.70 ⭐
Life happens while you are busy making other plans.
Male Eastern Bluebird in my backyard tulip poplar tree. Love seeing these bluebirds year round in my yard. Bluebirds of Happiness. Suppose this could go in two challenges today. Blue Friday & Feather Friday
Alessandra Silvestri$9.13⭐
Hobbit in this Middle Earth [Yelena B.]
Today is Blue Friday and I want to share with you this old pics posted in old Tsu... I remember so well that day: the sunset at sea was amazing with a huge dark clound running along the horizon like... (More)
Good morning!
View of the Garda lake from the city of Desenzano, not to far from where I live.
When it's sunny the water gets an intense blue color on its surface, it's really beautiful.