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Digital Art Thursday
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Courtney Dutton$9.80 ⭐
Graphic Artist and Photographer
Now I am back to share some more artwork with you all. This could be for Digital Thursday too. I created a simple gradient background with stars/clouds. Then I added a tree, and some other silhouettes. I love making these... (More)
The key to happiness is in gratefulness
This is my contribution for Digital Art Thursday. I made this animated glow art using an app. I had fun doodling this and I think it looks quite magical. I think Im gonna'make some more of this art. 😊
Droppin some Dig It All art... filters and such on a photo i captured a few years ago of a bueatiful wood flame sculpture at my dear friends wedding ceremony
John Loberiza$18.50
Digital Artist - part-time dreamer
Just playing around with Picsart and an old photo.
The app has a lot of features that I haven't fully explored yet.