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Nathon Dutton$8.75
All Around Creative Soul
So, I decided to check out a film called "The Darkest Hour". It's about two buds who go to Moscow, they (and some friends they meet there) end up in the midst of an alien invasion. What started as a... (More)
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I may regret this, Freddy v Jason is tonight's movie. I love being scared by movies but this may lead to a sleepless night. 🎥🗡️🪓⚰️
Watching Donnie Darko for the very first time.
I think I am about 20 years late to the party!
Courtney Dutton$9.80 ⭐
Graphic Artist and Photographer

Evil Boy (2020) - Movie Review

Today I watched a movie called Evil Boy (or Tvar; meaning stray). The movie came out in 2020 in the U.S.

The movie was originally in Russian, but luckily it was dubbed in English. That always makes a... (More)