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No Escape Room (Film Notes)

Tonight I watched a film called "No Escape Room" on Netflix. I give it an a+ for being a mind trip, but there were also elements I could have done without. It's a film from 2018, and @Courtney Dutton said... (More)

Locked Up (Film Notes)

I saw a film earlier about a bullied American-born girl living somewhere in Southeast Asia. When she fought back against her bullies, she was punished by being sent to a so-called correctional facility. The so-called correctional facility was even worse... (More)

Notes On "The Invisible Man"

My wife & I decided to check out the film the invisible man, it was offered here as part of PBF's movie weekend as most probably know. It had interesting, downright trippy, and some twisted elements. So as such, I... (More)

War of the Worlds II: The Next Wave-Notes

I am presently watching "War of the Worlds II: The Next Wave" & overall it's been pretty interesting. It's loosely based on the H.G. Wells sci-fi classic, w/modern touches. WotWII was made in 2008, by & starring C. Thomas Howell.... (More)