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Love can really change the person's behavior habits, like and dislike every thing but it not means we fall in love with person only it may be some things or some dreams ,aims etc which can be change our whole... (More)
Le encanta tomar sol siempre a la mañana... Eso si, que no vaya a pasar ninguna persona porque se vuelve loca. Quiere quedar más bronceada de lo que es 😂☀️❤️🐾
My favourite food is chicken biryani 😍😍 . It is not just a food: it is love.

Made by me.❤️🤭
Multi-talented me😂😁🤭
Look what my girlfriend's sausage is, a sweetie 😍. She is already an old lady, and beyond her being surly and antisocial, I love her very much. She is super guardian and is not intimidated by anything🐾.