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Miscellaneous Challenges
Miscellaneous Challenges
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Show Me Your Weather
  • Show Me Your Mask
  • Make Me Smile
  • Show Me Your Talent
  • My Sky Right Now
  • Show Me Macro
  • Show Me Your Recipe
  • Rearview Mirror
  • Show Me Your Tongue
  • A Song For You
  • Pankys Alphabet Challenge
  • Daily Walk Challenge
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The key to happiness is in gratefulness
Today is Foodie Thursday. I am sharing this simple and easy to make sweet dessert. This is Banana Plantain and Sweet Potato in Syrup. My first time to include my recipe too. * ripe plantain bananas * sweet potatoes *... (More)
What a lovely day wow. My city
This photo attract like honey bee attract on flowers.
#Nature colours
one thing must say no can compete against nature
I have caught this near our locality . Tree seen from downwards . How is the view from Earth ...Comment and let me know guys😁
The key to happiness is in gratefulness
Forecast is warm-hot but overall a good weather. 🌞 Just perfect for the errands I need to run outside today. But I still need to stay away from the sun at its peak hours. Hope to finish what needs t... (More)