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Monochrome Monday
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The key to happiness is in gratefulness
Because everyday is Caturday 😂

Snowie here for monochrome monday.
I love his long whiskers...
Too bad monochrome doesn't show his beautiful heterochromia eyes.
Hello Monday. Wishing everyone a wonderful week filled with joy, peace and beautiful moments.🍀 And for Monday challange Lili and her favourite scratched bag. 😆 She likes small places and mostly spends time inside of box, basket and so o... (More)
Courtney Dutton$9.80 ⭐
Graphic Artist and Photographer
Thought I'd share this for Monochrome Monday.

Went out for start off my birthday week (lol) and got a hot chocolate.
Norman Darlington$7.25⭐
Cook, gardener, poet, traveller
For the Monochrome Monday challenge, light through tufts of pampas grass in my garden. Although I have digitally removed all colour, the original was close to monochrome, except for those leaves at the front.