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Mother Nature
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In my walk today, before the rain I have a mixed Feeling every time I see this abandoned house It is crumbling apart but it has a soul in there How many memories, happy and sad moments happened inside these... (More)
For Flower Weekend, my mom with a perfect mushrooms bouquet πŸ„β™₯️ She never "hunted" mushrooms before, so I took her to the woods after lunch Yap, another big basket full ... I'm running out of victims to share my mushrooms.... (More)
And Mushrooms season is officially open!!!!! In my walk today I invited my kids 3&4 to come, but they said they would go in the afternoon, can't blame them, too busy being kids, playing games, enjoying the day off from... (More)
My least favorite colors are yellow and pink...maybe cz my mother made me use it so much when I was a child...πŸ€ͺ
But I guess Mother Nature agrees with my mom...yellow everywhere πŸ’›πŸ’›