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No Escape Room (Film Notes)

Tonight I watched a film called "No Escape Room" on Netflix. I give it an a+ for being a mind trip, but there were also elements I could have done without. It's a film from 2018, and @Courtney Dutton said... (More)

Locked Up (Film Notes)

I saw a film earlier about a bullied American-born girl living somewhere in Southeast Asia. When she fought back against her bullies, she was punished by being sent to a so-called correctional facility. The so-called correctional facility was even worse... (More)

BORAT 2: Sacha Baron Cohen and Rudy Giuliani

Sacha Baron Cohen has achieved it one more time. It looked overly risky to make the second part of Borat, a movie that is already a masterpiece of the XXI century. However, the actor has been able to revolutionize... (More)