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It's always dog day in my house. This is dark but I thought cute. It's an older shot of my Nugget🐶
The key to happiness is in gratefulness
Chichi and Snowie is here to meowdel for Caturday Saturday. 😹
Ain't Chichi lookin' cute and Snowie feelin' bored lol 😂
Hello friends! I'm back from my hometown. Unfortunately, the connection to the interest was impossible and I did not manage to post anything yesterday. I would have liked to show you how much Kitty enjoyed the time spent there ....... (More)
The most plague being in the universe has a name and is called Lulis or "Lolis" as I say ❤️. Whenever I arrive at my girlfriend's house, she welcomes me with her unique smile, jumping on my legs, asking m... (More)