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Courtney Dutton$9.80 ⭐
Graphic Artist and Photographer
Sepia toned clouds...I like editing photos...and cloud photos are fun to do that with. What do you think?
Nitin Zatale$0.90
♤Curiously Passionate♤
Peepal Tree Leaf (Ficus religiosa)

The Peepal is a True ‘Tree Of Life’
Even In The Scientific Sense.
Unlike Other Trees,
It Releases Oxygen Rven At Night.
This Photo Taken By Me.
I Love ❤ This Photo
Nitin Zatale$0.90
♤Curiously Passionate♤
Kukumbar is called Kakadi in Hindi language in India.

Cucumbers Contain 96% Of Water. 
They Are ideal For Detoxification And Preventing Dehydration.
Cucumbers Are Rich in Phytonutrients And Vitamin K. 

I Took This Photos From My Garden.
Matthias Hauser$8.30
Artist and Pinterest Expert
This is the garden area of one of our vacation houses on our second trip to Iceland 😀❤️