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Nathon Dutton$8.75
All Around Creative Soul
Earlier, I was watching something that talked about alleged clandestine bases on Mars. I am skeptical that they actually exist, but the stories make for, well, cool stories. I have also heard about supposed plans to permanently colonize Mars as... (More)
Nathon Dutton$8.75
All Around Creative Soul

A few new poems

Giant Jack

This is about a man named Giant Jack,

Tall & strong with skin jet black

Who caught rattlesnakes in a canvas sack

Skinned them down, salted them,

& hung them on a rack

Made them into rattler jerky... (More)

Fish Fry (Poem)

Old John Crawler was a fisherman,

lived in a cabin along a river’s edge

Every day at dawn he’d pack a lunch

& go see what he could catch

Usually he did real fine,

Usually got at least something on... (More)

A Story, Since I Can't Sleep

After attempting for a bit to sleep, I felt unable to anymore. I decided to share with interested readers a story. It has it's origins in Native American mythology, which I have always found interesting as an overall subject. Part... (More)