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Nathon Dutton$8.75
All Around Creative Soul
"If you cast stones at someone when they are struggling, you cannot then expect them to share their success w/you later"

Taking Off Like A Rocket

His art and rhymes taking off like a rocket

Putting a little scratch in his pocket

He believes greed makes people act the fool

but he will admit green can be a helpful tool

Keeps a roof over his family’s... (More)

Whatever it is you are aiming for in life STAY with it. Through failure comes success and if you stick with your goals you will eventually reach them. Don't give up! 🙌 Just ask Jeff Bezos who started Amazon fro... (More)

Rusty Crown (Poem)

All you do means nothing

if you don’t keep the soul in your success

anything done w/the wrong motives will leave you

with a cold, dark, emptiness

That is just a cold hard fact

The truth here I’ve laid down... (More)