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Tree Tuesday
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Nitin Zatale$0.90
♤Curiously Passionate♤
Peepal Tree Leaf (Ficus religiosa)

The Peepal is a True ‘Tree Of Life’
Even In The Scientific Sense.
Unlike Other Trees,
It Releases Oxygen Rven At Night.
This Photo Taken By Me.
I Love ❤ This Photo
Nitin Zatale$0.90
♤Curiously Passionate♤
Leaves of trees also change colour When they are with tree They fill it in green When they fall and dry on the ground So they fill the ground with different colours. That's Why I love Nature Becouse Its Soo... (More)
Abdul Akhil$0.75
Take Care Guys. Be creative
Hi guys have you ever seen this type of things. This is the nest of birds which is attached to tree and it's there home I hope they live happy. Are you happy guys lets comment below and lets see... (More)
The key to happiness is in gratefulness
Hello everyone! 🤗 Today is Tuesday and this is my nomination for Tree Tuesday. This is our Bell Fruit tree. I think I have shared here some harvest that we got from it. The fruit is mostly sweet but ther... (More)