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Turtle Tuesday
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Happy #TurtleTuesday 💚🐢

My little Sea Turtle fountain ⛲💙

♡Psalms 19:7♡
The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple.
Happy #TurtleTuesday

Galápagos tortoise 🐢
The largest living tortoise.

Our Zoo had so many beautiful turtles 🥰💚🐢 and I loved them all.
Put these clips together from our adventure to the Zoo 😊. The gorilla with the baby was so adorable. And if you didn't know I love turtles 🐢. Well I love all types of animals but not a huge sna... (More)
A cute decoration I saw at a store. Had to take a photo, thought of Turtle Tuesday right away of course😅