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The key to happiness is in gratefulness
Forecast is warm-hot but overall a good weather. 🌞 Just perfect for the errands I need to run outside today. But I still need to stay away from the sun at its peak hours. Hope to finish what needs t... (More)
Typical UK weather. Put my washing out on the line, went to leave the house to go for a walk and it started snowing!!! Got the washing back in, headed off in the car and it snowed for about another... (More)
Well, a turn in the weather, from walking in the cold sunshine to snow this morning. I don't think it will last as it is 5 degrees so not really cold enough to stick.
Latter part of the day. Sunsetting after a beautiful clear blue day. The temperature is due to drop to zero in the next 24 hours, then to -2 degrees in a couple of days.... Will it snow...